Transport and automotive

Transportation is a pivotalcrucial part of our society and one of the activities most directly related to citizens and the diverse economic sectors. The basic issues affecting transport include the safety of passengers and goods, the quality of services and means of transport and their environmental impact.

Accredited services help improve the safety and quality of the different kinds of transport -road, rail, sea and air- and reduce their environmental impact.

Accredited services

  • The testing and certification associated with road safety and that required to check active and passive vehicle safety devices, road infrastructure and facilities or the metrological control of speed cameras, breathalysers, opacimeters or exhaust emission analysers.
  • Vehicle roadworthiness inspections, technical services for vehicle adaptation, technical services for individual approvals and the inspection of historic vehicles.
  • Autonomous vehicle inspection prior to authorisation for driving on roads open to traffic.
  • Safety inspections for the carriage of dangerous and hazardous goods, the inspection of leisure craft and the certification of technical tachograph centres.
  • Metrological control of equipment and instruments such as taxi meters, dispensers or pumps, petrol meters, acoustic instruments, exhaust emission analysers, opacimeters and temperature recorders for transportation.
  • Testing, inspection and certification for vehicle safety and the interoperability of railwaycomponents and systems (Eurobalises).
  • Certification of the quality management system of aeronautical companies under the TEDAE scheme, certification of quality references for Puertos de Estado services.
  • Aeronautical material testing and greenhouse gas emissions verification for aircraft operators.

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