Commitment to RDI is key to business competitiveness and economic growth, to which accredited bodies continue to provide services, participating as collaborators and facilitators of fiscal policies for its promotion.

In this regard, ENAC accreditation is a pivotal element in the functioning of specific Government mechanisms to ensure that companies make more effective use of certain tax breaks for investment in research and development.

This allows for interaction between leading research centres and small businesses (mainly laboratories), facilitating the transfer of knowledge and know-how from public research centres to laboratories and other conformity assessment bodies that provide services directly to industry and government, which benefits society as a whole.
Based on the independence and technical competence of the ENAC-accredited certification bodies, the accreditation system provides Spanish companies with a reliable tool to demonstrate the innovative component of their projects and activities and provides the Administration with both an objective and homogeneous information. Moreover, a climate of trust and greater certainty is developed, both for companies making investment decisions and for the rest of the involved stakeholders. This situation favours the practical application of the policies designed to promote RDI projects through financial system improvement and a tax framework to support RDI.

Benefits of accreditation

+ Product and service safety
+ Legal security
+ Prestige
+ Savings and efficiency
+ Markets
+ Access to public procurement