Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) are a key part of our technological culture, in which companies, governments and citizens are immersed today. Numerous accredited conformity assessment services help ensure the functionality and operation of communication systems and equipment, the security, confidentiality, integrity and availability of information and the protection of users.

Accredited services, delivering confidence in cybersecurity

A wide range of accredited conformity assessment services help increase the cybersecurity and the resilience of digital products, processes, systems and services and promote a safer use of cyberspace.

The digital space has a strong influence on shaping the current context with innovative technologies (blockchain, artificial intelligence, robotics, big and smart data…). However, the advantages of digital networking make us more dependent on cyber-infrastructures and more vulnerable to hostile actions against them. In this way, cybersecurity has become an essential need for companies and society and a main objective on most governments’ agendas, as it may affect National Security.

In this sense, Regulation (EU) 2019/881, better known as the ‘Cybersecurity Act’, aims to provide more effective support to Member States in the fight against cybersecurity threats and attacks. It establishes a European cybersecurity certification framework to create a single digital market for ICT products, services and processes that will allow certificates issued in the Member States to be valid throughout the European Union. This framework considers accreditation fundamental, since the Regulation only contemplates the option of accredited certification, regardless of the certification body that would operate.

Accredited services

Benefits of accreditation

+ Product and service safety
+ Legal security
+ Prestige
+ Savings and efficiency
+ Markets
+ Access to public procurement