ENAC evaluates the technical competence of conformity assessment bodies (or CABs, such as testing and calibration laboratories, medical laboratories, inspection, certification or verification bodies…) based on international standards. The main objective of our activity is to deliver confidence about the information included in reports and certificates issued by CABs. 

Why we do it

To provide the necessary confidence about the information included in reports or certificates issued by conformity assessment bodies.

How we do it

ENAC carries out a detailed evaluation through a highly specialised technical assessors team from key institutions, research centres, universities, private companies or Public Administration bodies regarding the activities to be evaluate. Thus, ENAC assessors have the required knowledge and expertise to perform evaluations in each field and are able to issue a professional judgement on whether an evaluation activity is being carried out with the required level of competence. Once accredited, the performance of the conformity assessment bodies is supervised by ENAC through periodic evaluations.

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