Growing awareness of the impact of human activity on the environment and public health has led to the development and use of different methods and technologies to monitor and reduce the effects of pollution. To this end, governments have adopted legislative and political measures to minimise these effects and ensure compliance with environmental measures. The participation of technically competent accredited organizations gives society the confidence that pollution and environmental protection are being managed correctly.

Accredited services

Samplings, tests and inspections for the characterisation and control of waste, residues or air and water quality; verification of compliance with the requirements of environmental authorisations in facilities, determination of environmental radioactivity levels, acoustic tests, declaration of contaminated soils studies, environmental and greenhouse gas emissions verifications, environmental management systems certification… these are some examples of the more than 400 ENAC-accredited activities in the environmental field.

Benefits of accreditation

+ Product and service safety
+ Legal security
+ Prestige
+ Savings and efficiency
+ Markets
+ Access to public procurement