Measurements are an essential part of our everyday lives, since they are present in almost all of our activities. Every product is bought and sold after the performance of measuring processes, whether it be coffee, water or electricity, and this has effects on our personal economy. The radars (speed cameras) used by police, for example – which have economic and criminal consequences – are also subject to measuring. Hours of sunshine, clothing sizes, percentage of alcohol, the weight of letters, local temperature, tyre pressure... it is virtually impossible to describe any activity without mentioning metrology.

Then, correct measurements are of utmost importance for the economy, for businesses and for the population in general, not only helping organise business transactions but also allowing products and services to be exchanged on a global scale.

Some benefits of metrology for the industrial world:

  • It facilitates the development of a harmonised measurement system.
  • It promotes the development of tests needed for a competitive industry.
  • It equips the industry with the necessary measurement tools for the investigation and development of certain fields and to better define and control product quality.
  • It facilitates the exchange of technical and scientific information.
  • It allows for greater international product standardisation in general.
ENAC acts specifically in this sector in two major areas: calibration and legal metrology, although metrology plays a key role in almost any activity in the other sectors.

Benefits of accreditation

+ Product and service safety
+ Legal security
+ Prestige
+ Savings and efficiency
+ Markets
+ Access to public procurement