Quality and safety are essential elements in the provision of health and socio-health services and a demand from society, who needs to have the necessary guarantees to make an appropriate choice of those services.

How to increase confidence in diagnostic services?

Medical laboratories, anatomical pathology services, diagnostic imaging studies (x-rays, ultrasonography, etc.) point-of-care testing (POCT) and other diagnostic tests are key in the healthcare system and must hold the necessary guarantees of technical competence.

Accreditation under UNE-EN ISO 15189 standard is the internationally recognised tool for diagnostic services to demonstrate their quality and technical competence.

Accreditation, confidence in diagnostic services

Document including information regarding accredited diagnostic services and their benefits for laboratories, medical professionals and patients 

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Other accredited services

Quality and safety certification of services, products and healthcare centres or inspection evaluating the proper manufacture of medicines are some of the evaluation services relying on ENAC accreditation to deliver the necessary confidence about their security and technical competence.

Among the main objectives of the scientific-medical societies in general and their federation (FACME) in particular are the care quality improvement and the drive towards the evaluation of health outcomes. Thus, we need tools guaranteeing the quality of processes and procedures, crucial to have reliable and rigorous accreditation systems aligned with European standards”.

Dra. Pilar Garrido López

FACME President (Federation of Spanish Medical-Scientific Associations)

Benefits of accreditation for diagnostic services

+ Results reliability
+ Patients’ safety
+ Saving and efficiency
+ Prestige and excellence
+ Professionals’ development
+ Medical professionals' protection
+ International recognition