Leisure and tourism

Leisure and tourism products have become a primary economic activity, so much so that this sector has become the main source of currency and economic driving force for many regions of Spain.

Currently, there are numerous accredited conformity assessment services that contribute to guaranteeing the safety and quality of leisure and tourism products and services.

Accredited services

  • Certification for awarding the “Calidad Turística Española” (Q Brand) quality seal to services and products in the leisure and tourism sector: hotels, apartments and rural accommodation, catering services, beaches, ski and mountain resorts, spas, golf courses, campsites, holiday villages, tourist information offices, agencies, booking centres, etc.
  • Certification of nature tourism services for awarding the Parque Natural de Andalucía hallmark granted by the Ministry of Environment to services in nature parks of Andalusia and areas within its socio-economic scope.
  • Physical, mechanical, chemical, electrical and sanitary tests required to confirm toy safety and ensure the necessary conditions for their use.
  • Testing and inspection of facilities (swings, slides, see-saws, flying foxes, flooring, etc.) and play areas in children's parks.
  • Tests for the characterisation of sports flooring (cushioning, deformation, vertical ball rebound, ball rolling, angled ball behaviour, rotational resistance, traction, slip resistance, etc.) and football fields with artificial or natural grass for the FIFA Recommended mark.
  • Testing of sports equipment (footwear, clothing, protective helmets, etc.).

Tests on slot machines and gaming systems issuing prizes (management and behaviour of input credits, reserves and prizes, prices and gaming mechanics, verification of the % of prizes returned, etc.) and metrological control (legal metrology) of gaming machine counters.

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