Telecommunications and information technology

Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) are part of the technological culture in which companies, governments and citizens are immersed today. Numerous accredited conformity assessment services help to ensure the functionality and operation of communication systems and equipment, the security, confidentiality, integrity and availability of information and the protection of users.

Accredited services

  • User safety tests, such as measurement of exposure to electromagnetic fields, specific absorption rate readings for mobile devices and tests on the electrical safety of equipment.
  • Tests on the functionality and interoperability of equipment, devices and communication systems of the different mobile and wireless technologies, quality of video signals, characterisation of antennas, TDT receivers, electromagnetic compatibility.
  • Tests on software quality.
  • Certification under the National Security Scheme regulated by Spanish Royal Decree 3/2010, of 8 January 2010, on E-Government, which lays down the basic principles and minimum requirements and protective measures for implementing systems in Public Policy.
  • Electronic identification certification services governed by Regulation (EU) 910/2014 of 23 July 2014 on electronic identification (eID) and trust services (eTS) for electronic transactions in the internal market.
  • Testing and certification of Information Technology (IT) Security Products and Systems according to standards such as Common Criteria.
  • Certification of Information Technology Security Management Systems ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information, a crucial asset of any organisation.
  • Certification of the Information Technology Management Service, ensuring that the definition and delivery of IT services are focused on the organisation's business.
  • Verification of common telecommunications infrastructure projects for access to telecommunications services inside buildings.

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