Products and facilities

In the context of the globalisation of markets, the importance of the protection of consumer rights, free business competition and the need to protect the environment, there are two concepts that are an inescapable part of reality: quality and safety.

Many accredited testing, inspection and certification services now generate confidence among government, businesses and consumers in the safety and quality of both products and the facilities where goods and services are produced.

Accredited services

  • Tests on toys and childcare articles, metallic materials, textiles and footwear, sporting goods, home appliances, lenses and optics, machinery and tools, furniture, jewellery and silverware, ID cards, slot machines, etc.
  • Inspection of lifts, electrical installations, sports facilities and parks, petrol stations, tanning devices, vehicle roadworthiness, fire protection facilities.
  • Testing, inspection and certification required for CE marking of diverse products – pyrotechnics, gas appliances, personal protective equipment, pressure equipment, etc. – covered by European directives.
  • Certification of electrical, electronic and fire safety products, natural and artisanal products, play areas and equipment, safety nets, safes and vaults.
  • Metrological control of measuring systems and equipment such as scales and other weighing instruments, fuel pumps and water meters.
  • Tests for the control of packaging and product marking and labelling.

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