Reference Material Producers

The development of more precise measuring instruments and the need to obtain increasingly reliable data in scientific and technical areas have meant that, in addition to providing information on materials in the form of reports and certificates, reference material producers (RMPs) must also demonstrate that they have the necessary technical competence to produce these.

Accreditation is the international tool for obtaining this trust and credibility.

Reference material producers can accredit some or all of the reference materials produced. The accreditation criteria are set out in ISO 34: General requirements for the competence of reference material producers, which is used to evaluate RMPs worldwide. RMP accreditation bodies use this international guideline specifically to evaluate the relevant factors in determining the competence of an RMP in producing reference materials, including:

  • The functioning of a management system
  • The technical competence of staff
  • The suitability of the production plan
  • That the RMs produced are sufficiently uniform and stable
  • That the certification values are metrologically traceable to a reference
  • The fitness of the RM distribution process


ENAC accreditation of the Reference Material Producers scheme under ISO Guide 34 will:

  • Demonstrate your organisation's competence in the production of reference materials.
  • Promote compliance with international standards.
  • Reduce possible costs in your organisation.
  • Improve your organisation's ability to produce reliable results.
  • Provide a competitive advantage in the national and international market.

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