Certification of Persons

The certification of persons is a tool intended to create confidence within the market and with the authorities and employers in the competence of certain individuals for the performance of certain activities. Confidence in the respective schemes for the certification of persons is generated through a globally accepted process of assessment and regular reassessment of the competence of certified persons described in international standard UNE EN-ISO 17024.

The development of schemes for the certification of persons in response to rapid technological innovation and the growing specialisation of staff can offset differences in education and training and therefore be of assistance in the global labour market. The tool has also been proven to equip the markets of professional services with more transparent and symmetrical information, thereby allowing the clients of these professionals to make a more informed choice based on competence and increasing the transparency and competitiveness of these markets.

Lastly, it is an effective self-regulation tool for unregulated professions that increases the level of requirements and helps prevent intrusion and fraud.


The certification of persons has been used to varying degrees in different countries, both for the professions themselves and for training. In countries such as Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, for example, it has traditionally had a broader implementation and routine use than in Spain. The certification of persons is applicable to any category: people are certified in unique and varied activities and include health workers, welders, security staff, financial advisers, handlers of hazardous material, stockbrokers, engineers in diverse areas, gas appliance fitters, loss adjusters, real estate agents, verifiers of electrical installations, railway staff, project managers, operators of different types of equipment, etc.

The "Accredited Bodies" section contains details of all organisations accredited by ENAC for the certification of persons.

All ENAC documentation relative to accreditation criteria and procedures for product certification is available in the DOCUMENTS section.

Further information:

Examples of accredited activities

  • Welders of metallic materials
  • Plastic welders
  • Quality managers and technicians
  • Auditors of quality and environmental management systems
  • Project managers, project management professionals and technicians
  • Non-destructive testing operators
  • Sustainable building project advisers
  • Installers and experts in thermal buildings installations
  • Energy auditors and housing certification technicians
  • ...