Working with government

Entidad Nacional de Acreditación – ENAC – is the body appointed by government to act as the sole accreditation body in Spain working to enforce the raft of measures taken by the EU to improve the operating of the domestic market, namely Regulation (EC) No 765/2008.

The government is widely represented in ENAC’s governing bodies. It also maintains an active and close institutional and technical relationship with governments across the board (European, national, regional and local) in virtually all sectors of activity.

If you are responsible for devising or establishing public policies that could need independent assessment, ENAC can help to define the needs and design a scheme with the necessary requisites according to your objectives and needs.

Accreditation is becoming more and more recognised as a valuable tool for various governments as it provides an alternative to regulation and a tool to facilitate it and simplify it.

For this reason it is now being used by governments across the world to help meet their obligations in areas as diverse as health, food safety, energy supply, environmental protection, and personal safety.

Accreditation determines the technical competence and integrity of organisations offering testing, inspection, calibration, verification and certification services (jointly known as conformity assessors). In short, ENAC “controls the controller”.

ENAC accreditation:

  • reinforces business confidence and that of consumers
  • is voluntarily adopted by companies and other service providers
  • facilitates innovation in the private and public sectors
  • reduces the need for central, regional and local government to hire their own assessment specialists
  • cuts down on legislation

Cooperation between ENAC and the government of Spain

In Spain the government has in ENAC a trusted partner, as accreditation is a tool that facilitates the development of secure markets, guaranteeing the reliability of goods and services, while helping to make consumer protection more robust.

There are currently numerous fields and activities across the different economic sectors - industry, energy, agriculture and livestock, transport, construction, etc. - requiring accredited assessors. These are some examples of the different activities in which accreditation supports government policies:

See some examples in which accreditation is obligatory and has been required by government for different Aregulations  

Technical support

  • If you are responsible for establishing or implementing policies that entail any form of independent assessment, ENAC can help you in a variety of ways, with the engagement of ENAC from the first stages of designing the scheme to the development of specific assessment schemes, thereby ensuring that you have the support of experienced independent professionals.
  • For more information on how accreditation can support the objectives of public policy, please contact us on the following email address

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