An open to society participation organization

For the proper working of an accreditation system, it is essential to have mechanisms that permit and facilitate the participation of all stakeholders both in making the policies of the entity and in technical developments. At ENAC this participation of stakeholders in terms of policymaking is assured by the election system of members of Steering Board laid down in the articles of association.

More information on:

  • General Assembly: Executive governing body of the association, whose members are stakeholders in the different aspects of accreditation: conformity assessors, central and local government representatives, companies and business associations which use conformity assessment services.
  • Steering Board: Elected by the General Assembly from among its members to represent all accreditation process stakeholders in a balanced way. The Steering Board represents and takes on the functions of the General Assembly during the intervals between meetings.
  • Standing Committee: A permanent management body exercising powers delegated by the Steering Board, whose members are appointed by the Steering Board. The Standing Committee’s tasks include the drawing up of budgets, schedules, reports and accounts. It also oversees the performance of technical bodies.
  • Accredited bodies and laboratories who apply for membership.
  • Individuals and bodies corporate who show that their technical or economic interests are bound up with ENAC-accredited bodies and laboratories, specifically in connection with their being accredited.
  • Government bodies and public corporations which have cooperation agreements in place with ENAC whereby they recognise ENAC accreditations as valid within the scope of their subject-matter and territorial powers.
  • Government representatives appointed by the Consejo de Coordinación de Seguridad Industrial, the industrial safety coordination board.
  • Spanish and foreign institutions and individuals appointed by the General Assembly as honorary members.
Participation in technical developments and access of the entity to know-how and technical expertise in every activity carried out by ENAC is assured by means of various participation mechanisms, such as:

Technical Advisory Committees

Made up of reputable professionals representing the different interests – independent specialists, business associations and user industries, government – who carry out important work in defining criteria, drawing up documents for guidance, problem solving, organising or coordinating intercomparison exercises, and so forth.

  • Technical Certification Committee.
  • Technical R&D&I Committee.
  • Product Certification Subcommittee.
  • Technical Environmental Verification Committee.
  • Technical Calibration Subcommittees for Acoustics, Electricity, Dimensional, Force, Mass and Volume, Pressure, Time and Frequency, Temperature and Humidity.

Autonomous Community Forums

The aim of the forums is to improve coordination and cooperation between ENAC and the autonomous communities, increasing the involvement of Government in the accreditation processes in those activities which are carried out in the regulatory or non-regulatory field and which, therefore, require supervision by public authorities.

  • Control Bodies
  • Greenhouse Gas Emission Verifiers
  • Environmental Inspection
  • Road Vehicle Inspection
  • Certification of Agrifood Product

Agreements with Associations of Conformity Assessment Bodies

The cooperation agreements made with different conformity assessment associations mean that flexible streamlined channels are available to facilitate and further CAB involvement in the technical undertakings of ENAC.

  • Association of Testing, Calibration and Analysis Bodies, (FELAB) which groups together EUROLAB Spain and the Spanish Association of Independent Laboratories (AELI).
  • Association of Control Bodies (ASORCO) which groups together the inspection bodies and control bodies operating in Spain.
  • Spanish Association of Government Partner Bodies in Road Vehicle Inspection (AECA-ITV).
  • Spanish Quality Association: Certifying Body Committee.
  • Spanish Association of Inspection and Certification companies (AEGIC).

Professional Organisations

Cooperation with numerous professional organisations gives ENAC a grounding in the technical development of its own activity:

  • Spanish Food Safety AgencyAECOSAN.
  • Spanish Microbiology Society SEM.
  • Spanish Metrology Centre CEM.
  • Spanish Association of Medical Biopathology (AEBM).
  • Spanish Association of Analyst Pharmacists (AEFA).
  • Spanish Association of Haematology and Haemotherapy (AEHH).
  • Spanish Society of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology (SEIMC).
  • Spanish Society of Clinical Chemistry and Molecular Pathology (SEQC).
  • Spanish Association of Antenatal Diagnosis (AEDP).
  • Spanish Immunology Society (SEI).
  • Spanish Society of Anatomical Pathology (SEAP).
  • Spanish Association of Neonatal Screening (AECNE).
  • Spanish Association of Human Genetics (AEGH
  • Spanish Society of Environmental Health (SESA).
  • Spanish Professionals Association of Sensory Science (AEPAS).

External Committees

  • Spanish Association for Research Quality Assurance SEGCIB.
  • Management Committee of CBMC Certifying Bodies of the Spanish Association of Aerospace Material Constructors. (TEDAE)
  • Road Vehicle Inspection Committees and Control Bodies for the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade.
  • Global Food Safety Initiative GFSI
  • International Organization for StandardizationISO working groups.
  • Committees of international accreditation bodies EA, ILAC and IAF
  • Forum on EMAS-regulated accreditation bodies EMAS,  FAB
  • Spanish Association of Water Supply and Sanitation AEAS
  • Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OCDE) Good Laboratory Practice Working Group.