Entidad Nacional de Acreditación

Entidad Nacional de Acreditación - ENAC - is the agency appointed by the government to operate in Spain as the only National Accreditation Body, pursuant to Regulation (EU) No 765/2008 that regulates the functioning of accreditation in Europe, which is based on five underlying principles:

+ Absence of profit motive
+ Independence
+ Non-competitiveness
+ International assessment
+ Mutual recognition
ENAC represents Spain in the international organisations making up the global infrastructure of accreditation


ENAC’s mission is to evaluate the performance of conformity assessment bodies (such as laboratories, certification or inspection bodies, verifiers, etc.), which contribute to people’s safety and welfare, the quality of products, environmental protection and the increased competitiveness of Spanish products and services.

Thanks to ENAC accreditation, these conformity assessment bodies are able to demonstrate their technical competence to perform their professional activities, and that they do it in accordance with internationally accepted standards. ENAC provides its services to CABs in any sector, regardless of its legal nature or size. Currently, accreditation is present in almost all economic and technical sectors through more than 1,800 accredited bodies.

ENAC accreditation is widely used by many public administrations as a tool to supervise the activities performed by CABs operating in the regulated field, as evidenced by the more than 200 national and 100 European regulations that require accreditation. Check further information about accreditation as the last link in the chain of trust.

Impartiality, independence, transparency and objectivity

The structure and operating principles of ENAC guarantee that all its actions are based on impartiality, independence, transparency and objectivity operating values. 

Stakeholders’ involvement in ENAC

For the proper working of the accreditation system, ENAC developed mechanisms that allow and facilitate the participation of all stakeholders both in making ENAC policies and in participating in technical developments. Check further information.

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Any questions about accreditation or ENAC? Any questions about accreditation or ENAC?

You can consult our frequently asked questions area (avaliable only in Spanish) to learn about the criteria and procedures for accreditation.