What is ENAC?

Entidad Nacional de Acreditación - ENAC - is the agency appointed by the government to operate in Spain as the only National Accreditation Body, pursuant to Regulation (EU) No 765/2008 that regulates the functioning of accreditation in Europe, which is based on five underlying principles:

Absence of profit motive: The understanding that accreditation is an activity which does not seek to increase the resources of the owners or members of the organisation with monetary benefits.

Independence: A national accreditation body cannot offer or facilitate activities or services provided by control and assessment bodies (CABs), nor can it provide advisory services, hold shares or have financial or managerial interests in these bodies.

Non-competitive: Only one accreditation organisation will be designated in each Member State and national accreditation bodies cannot compete with each other. The application of this principle entails the general obligation of CABs to apply for accreditation from the accreditation body of the Member State in which they are based (unless in exceptional cases set down in the actual regulation).

International assessment: A national accreditation body should be a member of the European Cooperation for Accreditation (ECA) and successfully complete the peer evaluation process established by the ECA.

Mutual recognition: National authorities will recognise the equivalence of services provided by accreditation bodies that have successfully completed the peer evaluation process and will accept the accreditation certificates of these bodies and the certificates issued by the conformity assessment bodies accredited by them.

ENAC is a non-profit association that has been declared to be of public utility. Its structure and operating principles assure that all actions are based on principles of impartiality, independence and transparency, and its governing bodies are made up of all stakeholders involved in the process, i.e., the accredited parties, the industry making use of its services, and governments.

ENAC represents Spain in the international organisations making up the global infrastructure of accreditation.  


The purpose of ENAC is to build trust in the market and in the wider community in relation to the technical competence of accredited conformity assessors, thus contributing to people’s safety and welfare, the quality of products and services, and environmental protection, and thereby to the increased competitiveness of Spanish products and services and to a reduction in the costs for society due to these activities.


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