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Do you know what accreditation is?

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How can accreditation help small businesses?

The majority of organisations accredited by ENAC are small businesses. Acquiring accreditation sets you apart from your competitors and allows you to compete with large organisations. It will open doors to new markets in which accreditation is a “passport to trade”, at the same time as helping you increase your efficiency and increase profits.

Why should I use accredited assessors?

If your business requires the services of a certification, test laboratory or calibration body, or of an inspection body, using an ENAC-accredited provider for these assessment services (also known as conformity assessment services) is an essential tool for decision-making and risk management.

In these guides you will find information on the advantages of trusting in accredited assessors, as well as the risks of using non-accredited assessors. Before using non-accredited assessors we advise you to check the risks of doing so.

Companies can save time and money be choosing an accredited and, therefore, competent provider. Accredited testing, inspections and certifications developed in line with best practice can minimise product failures, downtime and the costs of production control.

Using accredited services helps to:

  • choose reliable providers
  • open new business opportunities, as using accredited services is a priority in public tender contracts
  • show due diligence in the event of legal actions
  • help transfer product development and knowledge, as accredited assessment bodies can be a good source of impartial advice.

How do I find a suitable accredited organisation?

You can consult ENAC-accredited organisations by using our search engine

Do you need technical support to design a scheme or maybe you aren’t sure how accreditation could help you?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, ENAC can help you.
  • Has your company outsourced or is intending to outsource the control of suppliers or franchisees to independent control bodies?
  • Do you task the inspection of your products to independent firms to ensure you have received exactly what you requested?
  • Do you sell products bearing your trademark which have been produced by third parties and want to check the quality and safety of those products without incurring additional costs?
  • Have you compiled or are you going to compile a document setting down requisites on which external organisations will assess compliance?
  • Do you have to take decisions based on information received from assessment bodies?
  • Has your association set up or does it want to set up a public recognition system of your associates based on the compliance with certain requisites shown to an independent assessment?
  • Are you an association looking to provide accurate information to your associates regarding the compliance with certain requisites?
More information on how ENAC can provide technical support.

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