Accreditation is a tool increasingly used by companies all around the world, as it adds value in terms of efficiency and safety, enables new markets to open up and makes it easier for businesses to access public procurement. These guarantees help them stand out in the market when facing clients and different interested parties.
By relying on accredited bodies, companies will obtain:

Product and service safety

Relying on technically competent conformity assessment services helps companies reduce the risks of producing or providing a defective product or offering a service without the necessary level of quality.

Legal security

Accreditation is the safest and most internationally recognised parameter for choosing a reliable conformity assessment service provider so that, in the event of legal action, trusted accredited conformity assessment bodies allow a company to demonstrate due diligence.


Accredited services provide reliability and recognition to products or services, which directly impacts the company’s image and customers’ confidence.

Savings and efficiency

Accredited conformity assessment services provide value in economic terms; since they reduce the possibility of the same product being submitted to redundant or repetitive assessments, with a consequent saving as product testing is costly and time-consuming, even though they performed correctly the first time.


ENAC’s accreditation is recognised and accepted in more than 100 countries around the world, which allows the results of accredited conformity assessment bodies to be more easily accepted by foreign markets. This acceptance, while allowing access to new business opportunities, contributes to reduced costs to manufacturers and exporters, thus reducing or eliminating the need for repeat tests in the importing country. Furthermore, in Europe, Regulation (EC) No 765/2008 states that national authorities shall recognise the equivalence of each Member State and shall accept certifica. More information

Access to public procurement

Use of accredited services is increasingly prioritised in public tender contracts around the world. In Spain, the 9/2017 Law, on 8 November, of Public Sector Contracts, prioritises accredited services as proof of conformity with the requirements or the specification criteria, the award criteria or the contract performance conditions. More information

A guarantee for SMEs

On many occasions, SMEs have to make use of very complex technical services, such as laboratories or inspection or certification bodies, and they do not always have the means to assess the real competence they offer, as well as their validity and international recognition. . To ensure that you have entities that provide you with security and guarantees both in Spain and internationally, you must choose services accredited by ENAC. And it is that investing in accreditation can also become an investment in growth and expansion of markets.

Accredited services, guarantee for supply chain

Do you need support to define, design or develop an evaluation scheme?

  • External control of suppliers
  • Quality and safety control of third-party prodcts
  • Decision-making based on information provided by CABs
  • Schemes development
  • Determination of independent evaluation policies...

ENAC can help you define your needs and design an evaluation scheme.