Effective assistance to exportation

Forging a path in foreign markets is often a challenge as in addition to competition from local businesses and economic requisites by Customs, there are technical barriers requiring products to meet a series of requirements generally associated with safety, environmental or quality characteristics. These are called Technical Barriers to Trade.

Accredited services help you overcome those barriers and access other markets without having to undergo new tests in the destination country.

ENAC accreditations are recognised in over 70 countries which include the whole of the EU and EFTA, as well as the USA, Canada, Japan, China, Australia, Brazil, India, etc.. This recognition gives Spanish firms recognised support in international markets for the free movement of their goods and services.

Remember that to be able to benefit from ENAC’s international agreements, the certificate or report must show the ENAC mark. Certificates or reports without this mark are not accepted.

Countries with which ENAC has recognition agreements are shown on the websites of the corresponding international organisations: EA (Europe), ILAC (worldwide), IAF (worldwide).

Recognition Agreements

Useful information for the exporting company

The first thing is to make sure that the report/certificate includes the ENAC mark or a sentence indicating the accredited condition and the reference number of this accreditation.

Certificates/reports with the ENAC mark: if your certificate bears the ENAC mark, find out whether the other country’s accreditation body has signed a multilateral recognition agreement.

If so, contact the accreditation body to explain your situation. Submit the report or certificate as an attachment and ask the body to write a letter or a similar document stating that the report/certificate issued under ENAC accreditation is of equivalent value to a report/certificate issued under its own accreditation. Here you can find an example of the letter that ENAC sends in these situations.

Signatories of multilateral agreements are obliged to issue letters of this kind. If you don’t receive one or if you have any queries about the procedure, please contact ENAC.

If you receive the letter and it is sufficient to resolve the problem, we would appreciate it if you would let us know. This is how we can measure the efficacy of the agreement and enhance it on a daily basis.

Certificates/reports without the ENAC mark: ENAC accreditation covers a number of technical activities listed in a Technical Annex to the accreditation certificate. Check whether the activity referred to in the certificate or report (a test required by a particular standard, UNE-EN ISO 9001 certification in a particular sector, etc.) appears in the technical annex of the issuing body. You can do this at Accredited Bodies.

If the activity is listed, the body is accredited for it but, by its failure to mention its accreditation in the certificate/report, the certificate/report is not covered by ENAC’s accreditation or, consequently, by multilateral agreements. But please get in touch with ENAC anyway so we can examine your particular case.

If the activity is not listed, the body is not accredited for it.