ENAC relies on a highly qualified team, in charge of processing, managing and carrying out evaluations on the requesting CABs. ENAC professionals also develop technical documents, train and qualify auditors, represent ENAC in international technical forums and spread information regarding the entity’s activities.
In addition, ENAC collaborates with over 900 auditors and experts from key institutions, research centres, universities, private companies or Public Administration bodies regarding the activities to be evaluated and who, therefore, have the required knowledge and expertise to perform evaluations in each field. Through their contribution, added value is provided to the evaluation process and maximum confidence is delivered in the market, as ENAC auditors have proved their technical competence at the highest level.
  • General Management
    Beatriz Rivera
    • Technical Management
      Ignacio Pina
    • Operation Management
      Inmaculada Lorente
      • Laboratories and Product Certification Department
        José Luis Borrego
      • Inspection and Control Bodies Department
        Luis Manuel Rodríguez
      • Certification and Verification Department
        Edelio Gago
      • Agri-food and GLP Department
        Elisa Gredilla
      • Environmental Department
        Óscar Recuero
      • Healthcare Department
        Isabel de la Villa
  • Quality
    Carolina Tallés
  • Financial
    Carmen Rosa González
  • Communication & PR
    Irene González
  • Operational Development and IT
    José Luis Miguel
  • Assessors & Training
    Alfonso Cobos
  • Human Resources
    Concepción Tomé

Processes managed by each ENAC technical department: