To perform its activities as fully as possible and pursue efficiency when it comes to achieving its goals, ENAC has a highly qualified team of individuals responsible for processing, managing, and performing assessment activities of the applicant bodies; compiling technical documents; training and certifying assessors and experts; representing ENAC in international technical forums and being responsible for disclosing ENAC’s activities.

In addition to participating with over 700 highly regarded assessors and experts from institutions, research centres, universities, enterprises and government bodies that are a reference in the activity to be assessed and have, therefore, the competence required in each field. Hence added value is brought to the assessment process and a strong sense of trust is built in the marketplace as assessors with the highest proven technical competence are used.

ENAC invests a huge amount of time and resources in sourcing and certifying technical experts. For this reason, we currently have in place partnership agreements with over 90 scientific and technical organisations, which enables us to deploy over 700 highly regarded technical experts, making ENAC assessments extraordinarily robust in technical terms.

Once contacted, the expert receives full training from ENAC staff on accreditation requisites, auditing techniques, and the rules and procedures to be followed during assessments.


  • General Management
    Beatriz Rivera
    • Technical Management
      Ignacio Pina
    • Operation Management
      Inmaculada Lorente
      • Department of Laboratories and Product Certification
        José Luis Borrego
      • Department of Inspection and Control Bodies
        Luis Manuel Rodríguez
      • Department of Certification and Verification
        Edelio Gago
      • Agri-food and GLP Department
        Elisa Gredilla
      • Environmental Department
        Óscar Recuero
      • Healthcare Department
        Isabel de la Villa
  • Quality
    Carolina Tallés
  • Financial
    Carmen Rosa González
  • Communication & PR
    Irene González
  • Operational Development and IT
    José Luis Miguel
  • Assessors
    Alfonso Cobos
  • Training
    Alfonso Cobos


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