Operating values

The main asset of an accreditation body is the confidence it inspires in its activities. To this end it must operate at all times according to the most stringent ethical and professional principles so that it not only unquestionably guarantees its independence, impartiality, transparency and objectivity, but it is also clearly perceived as such at all times. At ENAC we endeavour to achieve this goal by observing the following operating principles:

  • We are driven by a clear vocation of public service aimed at all those concerned with the different aspects of the accreditation of conformity assessment bodies, stakeholders, providing them with added value and seeking their engagement.
  • We require the utmost objectivity and impartiality. So the only service we provide is that of accreditation. We don’t belong to any business groups, nor are we owned by any companies or institutions. We don’t have any associations of a technical, financial, commercial nature or of any other nature, with any external organisations or enterprises.
  • We act in a non-discriminatory way at all times. In this way, access to accreditation does not depend on the size of the applicant body nor its membership of an association or group, nor is it subject to undue financial conditions.
  • Our decisions are based solely on technical criteria that are separate to commercial interests.
  • Our operations are guided by transparency criteria, and all of our standards and procedures are public, as is our list of accredited bodies and the contents and scope of the accreditations.
  • Our organisation is open to participation on a technical level and through a range of mechanisms, as in the establishment of our policies, of all stakeholders (representatives from industry, professional and scientific organisations, government, and representatives from the actual accredited conformity assessment bodies). They include, as set down in the bylaws, the governing bodies which check that the activity observes at all times the purposes of ENAC and the principles of impartiality and independence.
  • We maintain maximum international recognition of accreditation, for which we cooperate proactively with other accreditation bodies across the various international forums. We are also signatories of all multilateral recognition agreements, allowing the maximum international acceptance of ENAC-accredited services.