The participation of the stakeholders in the development of ENAC policies is guaranteed by the Steering Board members’ election system, as it is established in ENAC Statutes:

  • General Assembly: Everyone interested in any aspect of accreditation can be member of ENAC General Assembly: conformity assessment bodies, Public Administration representatives, companies and business associations using conformity assessment services.
  • Steering Board: Elected by the General Assembly from among its members, so that all the stakeholders involved in the accreditation processes are adequately represented. As the General Assembly’s permanent delegate body, it is responsible for the supervision and control of ENAC's activities. 
  • Permanent Committee: Permanent management body, delegated by the Steering Board and consisting of some of its members. The Permanent Committee is in charge of setting budgets, work plans, reports or accounts and supervises the performance of the technical bodies.
  • Chair: Appointed by the Administration, this position is currently held by Mr. José Manuel Prieto, Deputy General Manager for Quality and Industrial Safety of the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism (Ministerio de Industria, Comercio y Turismo). 

Who can be an ENAC member:

  • Accredited bodies/laboratories that request it, as well as their professional associations.
  • Individuals or legal entities with an economic or technical interest with the aforementioned bodies, as they are accredited by ENAC.
  • Any Public Administration recognizing the value of ENAC accreditations to their functional or territorial areas of competence.

  • Public Administration representatives appointed by the Industrial Safety Coordination Council (Consejo de Coordinación de la Seguridad Industrial)
  • Those national and foreign persons of significance and institutions appointed by the General Assembly as honorary members.

Any more questions about ENAC or accreditation?

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