Collaboration with stakeholders involved in the accreditation process is a key factor for guaranteeing the proper system performance, delivering confidence and adding value to the market. Thus, ENAC works closely with public administrations, business organisations and scientific-medical associations to provide the accreditation process with the rigour it requires, as well as to incorporate the necessary technical and professional knowledge. ENAC’s access to the necessary technical knowledge and experience regarding each area of competence of its activities and the stakeholders participation in ENAC’s technical developments is guaranteed by:

Technical Advisory Committees

Made up of prestigious professionals representing different interests – independent specialists, business associations and user industries, Public Administration – who carry out important work in defining criteria, drawing up documents for guidance, problem solving, organising or coordinating proficiency testing exercises, and so forth.

Forums with Spanish Autonomous Regions

The aim of the forums is to improve coordination and cooperation between ENAC and the autonomous regions, increasing the involvement of the public sector in accreditation processes in activities carried out in regulated or voluntary regulated fields and which, therefore, require supervision by public authorities.

Agreements with conformity assessment bodies’ associations

Collaboration with different professional organisations provides ENAC with support in the technical development of its activity. Currently, ENAC has collaboration agreements with over fifteen scientific societies.

Professional Organisations

Cooperation with numerous professional organisations gives ENAC a grounding in the technical development of its own activity:

Cooperation with external technical organisations

ENAC is an active member of various committees and working groups established by technical organisations carrying out their activity in areas related to accreditation.

Collaborate with ENAC

If you are a member of a business, a professional, a scientific association or work for the Public Administration, and are considering collaborating with ENAC in some way, do not hesitate to contact us.
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