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Products and services searchs

Products and services searchs


From this section you can:

Search all accredited to the activities that you need to do this search engine has a wide selection of parameters such as sector or field of activity, products, items, facilities, processes or services, areas and magnitudes entities. You access extensive information about each and every one of the accredited to provide the services of your interest entities.

How to perform search

  • Applying search filters: allow limit searches by selecting parameters such as industry or field of action of the accredited organization products, items, facilities, processes or services you want to evaluate, or the parameter types, or areas and quantities that you want tested or calibrated
  • By geographical area : You can find the list of accredited organizations for a particular scheme located in a geographic area.
  • Open Searches : get the list of all the accredited institutions for the selected accreditation scheme

Selecting each of the business results of your search, so you can access the contact information of the same as the sectors for which a company is accredited and its scope of accreditation .

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