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Trescal Ibérica: first laboratory accredited for calibrating electrostatic discharge generators

20 November 2020 Industries

ENAC has granted accreditation to Trescal Ibérica in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard for calibrating electrostatic discharge generators, becoming the first accredited laboratory in Spain to carry out this activity. 

The equipment that this laboratory can now calibrate under accreditation simulates electrostatic discharges that may be present in an area with certain environmental conditions, such as low relative humidity or a dry environment. They are in facilities that use certain low conductivity materials or produced when, for example, we enter or exit a vehicle.

By successfully passing ENAC's assessment and obtaining accreditation, the Trescal Ibérica calibration laboratory has demonstrated that its electrostatic discharge generator calibration services are technically competent.

Diana Agudo Galán, Trescal Group's Spain Quality Director, explains the value accreditation brings to the companies receiving the service: "It is important to have a comparable calibration result for assessing the discharge generator. Likewise, it is essential that repeatability is a decisive factor in the assessment, checking that the team maintains its metrological capabilities over time. Therefore, the discharge generator must be calibrated in defined time periods, following a recognized quality assurance system. This is why, more than a year ago Trescal Ibérica, in its desire to provide its customers with the best service, suitable for their needs and seeing an increased number of calibrations in this area, aimed at getting ENAC's accreditation for calibrating equipment used in the 61000-4 standard”.

Accredited calibration laboratories provide companies with assurance in the results provided by the measurement equipment used in key activities, such as controlling process variables, ensuring product, processes or services quality and safety, and obtaining the data needed for important analysis and decision-making. Having accredited laboratories will guarantee these companies’ traceable and reliable calibration results, as accreditation is the tool created specifically to ensure compliance with these extremes.

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