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Accreditation News



Sisswa: first accredited for inspecting public swimming pools, water slides and playgrounds

17 December 2021 Industries

Sisswa Instituto de Certificación has recently obtained accreditation to carry out inspection activities of public swimming pools, water slides and playgrounds, becoming the first accredited inspection body in Spain for this activity by passing ENAC’s assessment according to the international ISO 17020 standard. Therefore, with ENAC's accreditation, Sisswa can inspect the safety of public swimming pools and their equipment in hotels, campsites or water parks, as well as slides and water attractions, activities that had already been subject of accreditation (ASES XXI and TFL Consultoría y Proyectos de Ocio were granted with ENAC accreditation in the past).

The activity for which Sisswa has obtained ENAC accreditation focuses on assessing the compliance of the facilities with the UNE-EN 15288 standard, on the design and management of public swimming pools, as well as with the UNE-EN 13451 family of standards on their equipment, the UNE-EN 1069 standard for water slides and the recently published UNE-EN 17232 standard on water attractions, to provide users with greater guarantees on the safety of these facilities.


Why have accredited inspection

Accreditation is the internationally accepted mechanism to determine the technical competence of assessors such as inspection bodies, offering the market in general and the Public Administration the security of ensuring companies that offer assessment services are totally reliable. The inspection bodies accredited by ENAC have demonstrated their technical solvency against internationally recognized standards, which provide the confidence demanded by customers and, therefore, an added value in terms of efficiency and safety, as well as enabling new markets to be opened up and making it easier to access to public procurement.

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