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The SERMI scheme for accessing vehicle security against theft information has been definitively approved

23 June 2023 Industries

Once the scheme is approved, accreditation processes can begin

After several months of work, European Accreditation (EA) has recently validated the SERMI scheme's revision specifying in detail the authorization process necessary for independent operators (workshops, diagnostic tools and software manufacturers, technical assistance, etc.) and their employees when accessing repair and maintenance information related to security against theft.

ENAC led the EA working group that collaborated with SERMI to develop the modifications and adaptations to the new legislation in force at European level (Delegated Regulation (EU) 2021/1244), while also maintaining a close working relationship with the sector's main associations: CETRAA, GANVAM, AFIBA and CONEPA, among others.

This scheme's importance lies in the fact that from August 1, operators can obtain access with a single certificate to all relevant information related to security systems against theft from all manufacturers. Until then, operators had to request this information and manage it directly with each manufacturer.

Among the scheme's requirements, SERMI has established that independent operators must pass an assessment by an inspection body, which, in turn, must be accredited by their national accreditation body (ENAC in Spain). The reference standard for obtaining accreditation by inspection bodies wanting to operate in the SERMI system is the UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17020, together with the scheme's specific requirements.

Those interested in this accreditation can now request it through our website. For more information on the SERMI-operated accreditation, please consult the scheme document available on the SERMI website or contact Javier Barroso, Automotive area Head, in ENAC's Inspection and Control Bodies Department.

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