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SCI Control and Inspection Services: first accredited for inspecting storage facilities and supplying hydrogen in the gas phase for use as fuel for motor vehicles

4 February 2022 Industries

ENAC has recently granted accreditation to SCI Control and Inspection Services to inspect storage and supply facilities for hydrogen in the gas phase for use as motor vehicle fuel, thereby becoming the first body accredited to carry out the activity in Spain. Hydrogen storage and transport is simple, it can be obtained sustainably and used as fuel for transporting goods by land or sea or for transporting people in private vehicles and public transport.

Hydrogen is an unlimited energy source that poses a sustainable and clean alternative to current energy sources, as well as being an important energy vector to help curb climate change. One of the main objectives of the new Law on Climate Change and Energy Transition is precisely "to facilitate the Spanish economy's decarbonization and its transition to a circular model, so as to guarantee the rational and solidary use of resources; and promote adaptation to the impacts of climate change".

Likewise, guaranteeing access to affordable, safe, sustainable, and modern energy for all is one of the United Nations' goals within its Sustainable Development Goal SDG 7. Optimizing energy production and consumption processes, prioritizing renewable energy sources to the detriment of fossil fuels or promoting responsible consumption and recycling are some of the actions that can be carried out to benefit the energy transition process.


Why choose accredited inspection

The need to develop environmentally low-impacting alternative energies is on the Public Administration's and national and international market's agendas. Accreditation, as an internationally accepted tool to determine the technical competence of assessors such as inspection bodies, offers the market the security of relying on companies that offer the most reliable assessment services.

Only accredited bodies have demonstrated to a third party, ENAC, their technical solvency against internationally recognized standards, which provide the confidence demanded by customers and, therefore, an added value in terms of efficiency and safety, in addition to enabling new markets to open and making it easier to access public procurement.

Accreditation News

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