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Accreditation News



The National Police's Forensic Science Corp is the first accredited in forensic physiognomic studies

22 December 2016 Industries

The National Police's Forensic Science laboratory is the first accredited by the international ISO/IEC 17025 standard for examining and comparing facial morphology in photographs and stills for identification purposes (physiognomic studies).

People's faces have individual features which enable identity correspondence to be seen between two images using morphological studies. The forensic science laboratory performs this test within the framework of the recommendations made by the Working Group FISWG (Facial Identification Scientific Working Group) of the European network ENFSI (European Network Forensic Science).

The forensic police have increased their accreditation scope, which includes other forensic tests such as developing and comparing fingerprints, DNA testing, the study of documents and manuscripts, drug analysis in caches, ballistic study and footwear trace.

Accreditation News

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