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ENAC pilot program for assessing laboratories for the future European cybersecurity certification scheme EUCC

31 October 2023 Industries

ENAC, at the request of the National Cryptologic Centre (Centro Criptológico Nacional, CCN), has recently developed a pilot program for accrediting laboratories in accordance with the requirements expected in the European Common Criteria Certification Scheme (EUCC). It has not yet been formally approved but is in its final stages of development. The pilot program aims to offer the Spanish market accredited laboratories in the shortest possible time once the EUCC is approved, given that a short transition time is expected for its application, replacing the national schemes currently in force under the SOGIS agreement.

For developing this pilot program, ENAC has used the provisions of the document "Accreditation of ITSEFs for the EUCC scheme; V09 May 2023" as a reference, prepared within the framework of one of the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity, ENISA’s working groups.

With this program's launch, interested laboratories can now apply for accreditation. For more information, please contact Rosalina Porres, head of the ICT section of ENAC's Laboratories and Product Certification department.

Cybersecurity Certification in Europe

The EUCC is one of the schemes that ENISA is developing within the framework of the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2019/881, commonly known as the Cybersecurity Act. Following its publication, the scheme will replace the current European SOGIS (Senior Officers Group for Information Systems, Mutual Recognition Agreement).

The Common Criteria provides a standardized set of security requirements for information technology products (hardware, software, or firmware) that makes their security assessments more trustworthy. One of the most common applications of the Common Criteria is the certification of integrated circuits and smart cards, which contribute to the trustworthy security of devices with electronic signatures (passports, bank cards or tachographs, among others).

ENISA is also developing other schemes related to the ICT sector, such as the EU Certification scheme on Cloud Services (EUCS) and the EU 5G mobile network certification scheme, with the EUCC's development being the most advanced.

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