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The new V-16 road emergency lights must be tested by laboratories accredited by ENAC

23 April 2021 Industries

Recently the Royal Decree 159/2021, for regulating relief services on public roads, has been published.

The text recognizes the inclusion of the V-16 emergency lights, which can be used from July of this year and which, as of January 1, 2026, will replace the triangles as a way of locating vehicles immobilized on public roads. It requires assessment of these devices' compliance with the technical requirements established in the Royal Decree. This will be carried out in a laboratory accredited according to the UNE EN-ISO 17025 standard by ENAC or by any other National Accreditation Body designated by another Member State in accordance with EC Regulation No. 765/2008.

ENAC is now in a position to receive accreditation applications from interested laboratories. For more information, you can contact María Dolores Ramirez, at ENAC's Laboratories and Product Certification department .

Accreditation News

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