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ENAC presents its new website

19 December 2022 Corporative

One of ENAC's fundamental objectives, from a public service perspective and its commitment to responding to the current market's demands, is promoting the value that accreditation and accredited services bring to Spanish productive fabric and to the market, as well as to society as a whole. That is why this has been, for years, one of our main lines of communication strategy.

So, after presenting the new accreditation marks in 2021, we renewed one of our main sources of information and the meeting point with our stakeholders, both for accredited bodies and for accreditation users who want to rely on accredited services: the ENAC website.

In general terms, one of the new website’s main objectives is to make it easier to navigate and inform users who do not know about accreditation, first time users of the web, whether they are assessment bodies interested in accreditation, members of the public administration or companies in search of accredited services or interested in knowing the benefits of hiring accredited bodies.

With this in mind, we have renewed not only the web image, but also the content. The motivation behind this update is to rely on more simplified messages: a simpler, friendlier, and more personalized navigation for each type of user and improvements aimed at attracting more traffic.

Among other examples, the main menu has been restructured and simplified to improve and make it easier to access information, giving the accredited bodies' search engine a greater presence, and incorporating a simplified search tool on the home page making it easier to navigate to the most interesting sections depending on the visitor's profile.

Regarding the content improvements, it is worth pointing out the sections dedicated to essential users in the accreditation infrastructure: the ENAC assessors’ team, professionals, and the best technical experts who are fundamental in providing our service or the CABs interested in starting the accreditation process. But, if there is a key communication objective for ENAC, it is to promote the benefits of trusting accredited bodies. Therefore, new pages have also been adapted to each type of user, so the design and presentation better enhance the value that accreditation and accredited services bring to the market. In addition, the benefits for companies of hiring accredited bodies have been highlighted preferentially, incorporating them on the ENAC home page.

In short, it is a new tool that will continue evolving and that will help us undertake our main mission as the national accreditation body in Spain: to ensure that confidence in products and services is justified.

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