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New ENAC accreditation marks

6 April 2022 Corporative

The accreditation mark allows the market to identify both the accredited bodies and the certificates and reports covered by ENAC accreditation, thanks to which they can be relied upon and be acknowledged by national accreditation bodies from more than 100 countries due to multilateral agreements signed by ENAC.

For this reason, it is a priority for ENAC to reach the maximum possible visibility for the accreditation mark, as it would also maximise the visibility of the accredited services. In this sense, an analysis was carried out to assess whether the mark we have been using for the last 25 years continued to fulfil its objective in the best possible way.

The main conclusion of the mentioned analysis was that the great similarity between the accreditation mark and ENAC logo not only could mislead the different market agents, but also was an inconvenience from a communication and promotion point of view. Thus, ENAC decided to undertake a change, aiming to provide the new design with a stronger mark physiognomy and the accredited bodies with an instrument adapted to current context.

To this end, we have chosen to provide the new accreditation mark with its own visual identity, differentiated from ENAC logo, with cleaner lines and a more contemporary typography, but maintaining the elements that identify us, to ensure ENAC mark is acknowledged by the market agents.

Thus, the new accreditation mark has its own, transversal, universal and modern character, without losing the recognition obtained over these years and maintaining its link to the principal of trust that underpins ENAC accreditation system. For further information about ENAC accreditation mark, please check the following page.

Marcas de acreditacion de ENAC

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