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JTSEC: first accredited body to carry out cybersecurity testing on consumer devices connecting to the internet

13 June 2022 Industries

Among these devices, called the Internet of Things (IoT) are light bulbs, alarms, appliances, smart speakers, activity bracelets, and so on.

JTSEC Beyond IT Security has recently obtained ENAC’s accreditation to assess the compliance of cybersecurity requirements for consumer devices that connect to the internet, known as consumer devices with Internet of Things (IoT), to become the first laboratory accredited for this purpose in Spain.

"What is pursued with the testing," explains José Ruiz Gualda, JTSEC's Chief Technology Officer (CTO), "is to lay a minimum foundation on which to build and to be able to have products that protect themselves from elementary attacks, such as using easily guessable passwords or sending sensitive data through unsecured channels. In short, protecting against basic vulnerabilities that may appear during the design phase."

This activity's accreditation, whose requirements and conformity assessment criteria are included in the ETSI EN 303 645 and ETSI TS 103 701 standards respectively, enables an additional obtained guarantee that a product has been assessed by a technically competent laboratory, which offers an additional level of confidence to the customer. "We like that, in addition to our customers trusting us, there are trusted third parties, such as ENAC, who inspect that the assessments are done following the standards required by the market," says the CTO of JTSEC.


Accredited services: added guarantees for the cybersecurity sector

ENAC’s accreditation is a fundamental tool for laboratories and certification bodies operating in the cybersecurity sector to demonstrate, among other aspects, that they use technically valid and controlled methods, that they carry out their assessments correctly, that they have the necessary material and human resources, and of course that the tests and certifications are subject to strict internal and external controls to ensure the validity of their results.

The ENAC-accredited assessment and control activities therefore help guarantee communication equipment and systems' safety, functionality, and operability; the security, confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information; and, consequently, the protection of users.

Accreditation News

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