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Accreditation News



ITC-AICE: first accredited for performance assessment of photocatalytic materials in air purification

30 July 2021 Industries

The Institute of Ceramic Technology (ITC-AICE), has obtained ENAC's accreditation becoming the first accredited laboratory for determining the capacity of certain products used in construction to eliminate contaminants such as nitric oxide.

These tests are helpful for improving air quality in urban centres by including photocatalysts in construction materials and coatings on building facades, tunnel interiors, roads, pavements and so on, enabling them to reduce these polluting gases with photochemistry, a process that uses sunlight to create reactions that destroy air pollutant compounds, such as nitrogen oxides (NOx).

With this accreditation, ITC-AICE has demonstrated that it has the necessary technical competence to offer these testing services, since it has the necessary human and material resources, with the experience and ability to provide a service that is appropriate to the needs of its customers, and has done so through a rigorous, transparent, and fully internationally accepted assessment process: the accreditation process.

“Given that air quality is a very important factor in our lives, we are committed to launching the accreditation of this complex and increasingly demanded test. Therefore, we have decided to work along this line to be able to provide a service that offers excellence and guarantee to the different industrial sectors that work with these photocatalytic materials”, explains Alicia Andreu, Researcher in the Sustainability Area's Environment Unit at ITC-AICE.

In this sense, the researcher highlights the main value that this new accreditation brings to both the laboratory and the sector: "The ITC aims to be a national and international reference laboratory for carrying out this test, which brings us closer to industries' needs that require expert laboratories and gives confidence to the reliability of the results obtained. This reliability is offered by ENAC's accreditation”.

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