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Itansa Certificaciones: the first accredited body for certified refrigeration facility technician certification

25 May 2020 Industries

Itansa Certificaciones has become the first ENAC-accredited body to certify the new professional profile of certified technician in refrigeration facilities, according to the requirements of the international UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17024 standard for certification of persons.

The accredited certification of persons is one of the accepted ways to demonstrate compliance with the technician competency requirements established in the Safety Regulation for refrigeration facilities, and in particular in their complementary technical instruction IF-19 Professional Refrigeration Technician: Basic competencies to be certified by accredited bodies for the certification of persons.

With this recognition, there are already five industrial safety regulation areas which consolidate accredited certification of persons as a tool for the public administrations' development and compliance areas by ensuring that certain actions such as installation, repair, inspection, maintenance, etc. are only carried out by persons who have demonstrated to a third party - the accredited certifier - that they possess the necessary knowledge, skills and dexterity to carry out their roles and tasks.

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