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Accreditation News



ISC-Science: first accredited reference material producer for multi-elemental solutions in clean water

6 September 2022 Industries

ENAC has granted Innovative Solutions in Chemistry (ISC-Science) accreditation as a reference material producer in accordance with ISO 17034, becoming the first reference materials provider in the water chemical analysis field, specifically multi-elemental solutions in clean water, including water intended for human consumption. Extending ISC-Science's accreditation scope as a certified reference material producer provides laboratories with an effective tool to facilitate the trace of their results when analysing these elements.

"Obtaining ENAC's accreditation as a reference material producer reaffirms the commitment that, since its inception, ISC-Science has made to becoming a national and international reference, contributing to providing solutions for the problems arising daily in testing laboratories accredited in accordance with ISO 17025, and to improving the analytical performance of the testing methods”, says Julio Rodríguez Fernández, manager of ISC-Science.

Likewise, he stresses the value that accreditation brings to the global market: "The recognition provided by ENAC’s accreditation and its mark, as well as the international recognition agreements, to our products and laboratories making use of them contributes to providing a unique global solution", he adds.


Reference materials for the water control service

For humans, drinking water is a potential source of exposure to numerous pollutants, so ensuring its quality is essential. Therefore, Franco Daniel D'Amico, Quality Head at ISC-Science, explains that "in recent years, an important technological innovation has been carried out in Spanish companies' control and research laboratories. Developing modern analytical techniques has made the availability of certified reference materials more important”.

However, even today, the Certified Reference Materials in the environmental field that can be found commercially remain very limited. “These materials do not cover all the parameters a laboratory needs to measure environmental samples, so they are obliged to acquire several different materials for the same type of sample, which results in it being very expensive for laboratories", adds Franco Daniel D'Amico.


Why trust accredited reference material producers?

Reference materials are a fundamental tool for providing reliable results issued by testing and calibration laboratories, which can use them to calibrate, validate methods, estimate their uncertainty, verify the proper functioning of a certain method or to perform routine quality controls.

In any of their possible uses, to ensure the reference materials' quality, it is convenient that laboratories rely on competent producers. Accreditation is the tool established internationally to achieve the necessary trust and credibility. The accreditation criteria established to assess producers of reference materials are defined in ISO 17034.

In addition, ENAC is a signatory to the European Accreditation multilateral agreement on producers of reference materials, a fundamental element for reducing or eliminating technical barriers to trade that helps to achieve the final objective of accreditation internationally: "accredited once, accepted anywhere”.

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