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Accreditation News



Intra Radice: first accredited laboratory for quantifying and detecting beneficial fungi in plant roots and biostimulants

5 October 2022 Industries

These tests sustainably optimise the quality of soils and plants

ENAC has granted Intra Radice laboratory accreditation to conduct mycorrhizal analysis consisting of quantification and detection tests of mycorrhizal fungi (beneficial fungi for plant roots that allow them to improve their absorption of nutrients and water and their resistance to pathogenic fungi) in plant material and biostimulants. Thereby, Intra Radice becomes the first laboratory accredited to carry out this activity.

Through these tests, the quality of soils and plants is optimised, thereby improving harvests, and promoting the sustainable growth of companies in the agroforestry sector. In the words of Dr. Sonia González Méndez, CEO of Intra Radice, being able to make use of these tests in an accredited manner "allows mycorrhizal biostimulant manufacturers and their users to know and maintain the marketed products' quality. The application of mycorrhizal fungi worldwide is increasingly necessary. Restrictions in the use of toxic agrochemicals for people, animals and the environment require that new technologies be implemented to incorporate microbody-based biostimulants that are more environmentally friendly”.

In this way, the laboratory counts on, as highlighted by its director, "a more transparent relationship between manufacturers and users, which enables the practice of mycorrhization to be integrated more confidently in the agroforestry system. Accreditation makes us the first and only laboratory accredited for this activity in the world, this is an important milestone for expanding the company to an international market. The important thing is to give the best of each one to ensure the well-being of the planet”.


Guarantees of accredited laboratories

ENAC accreditation is an essential tool for laboratories to demonstrate, among other aspects, that they have the necessary material and human resources, that they correctly perform their tests using technically valid and controlled methods and that these tests are subject to strict internal and external controls to ensure the validity of their results.

Therefore, after having successfully passed a rigorous, transparent, and internationally accepted assessment process, accredited laboratories demonstrate their competence and provide the necessary confidence in the resources, experience, and competence to carry out the tests in the most reliable way.

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