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Accreditation News



First accredited bodies to certify projects within the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan

4 May 2022 Industries

The Spanish Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism has established, in different aid programs within the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan (Plan de Recuperación, Transformación y Resiliencia, PRTR), that applicants provide a qualification report of project activities issued by an ENAC-accredited certification body. This is the case for the following programs:

  • R&D&I projects in the field of connected industry 4.0 within the framework of Order ICT/713/2021
  • Industrial Research and Experimental Development Projects in the field of manufacturing, within the framework of Order ICT/780/2021
  • PERTE for developing the Connected Electric Vehicle within the framework of Order ICT/1466/2021
  • PERTE for the Naval Industry within the framework of Royal Decree 1071/2021

To carry out this activity, both within the aid framework approved by the Ministry of Industry and by any other department of the administration, ENAC has developed a specific accreditation program that has resulted in companies, interested in applying for these grants, being able to have seven accredited bodies for different programs and technical areas.

The accredited certification bodies are Acerta I MÁS D MÁS I, ACIE Agencia de Certificación Española, EQA Certificados I MÁS D MÁS I, OCA Instituto de Certificación, AENOR Internacional, SGS International Certification Services Ibérica and DNV GL Business Assurance España. For further information about the programs and technical areas for which each body is accredited, you can consult the accredited bodies search engine on the ENAC website. 


ENAC accreditation: a support tool for the Spanish Administration

The Spanish Public Administration has demonstrated, once again, its confidence in accreditation as a tool for guaranteeing the assessment activities' safety and integrity, this time, related to R&D&i projects, an area of capital importance for the market and public authorities today.

For a certification service to provide the level of confidence required by all the agents involved, it is essential that the bodies endorsing it are technically competent, independent, reliable, and perceived as such by all those who have to trust in the veracity and value of their certificates. This guarantee is offered by the ENAC-accredited services since only these accredited bodies have demonstrated their competence and impartiality before an independent third party, before whom they have shown that they have the appropriate means to offer the certification service with the necessary rigor to be accepted by the market.

Accreditation News

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