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Accreditation News



The Ministry for the Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge requires accredited certification for the "end-of-waste status" for new materials

31 January 2022 Industries

The Ministry for the Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge has recently published Order TED/1522/2021. Its objective is to determine when granulated rubber or rubber dust obtained from treating out-of-use tyres, or rubber residues from tyre manufacturing or retreading cease to be waste. In addition, this legislative text modifies three previous Ministerial Orders on waste management, TED/426/2020, APM/205/2018 and APM/206/2018, which established the corresponding criteria for recovered paper and cardboard intended for paper and cardboard manufacturing, processed used oil from treating used oils for use as fuel and recovered fuel from the treatment of MARPOL type C waste for use as fuel in ships.

In the Ministerial Order, it is determined that, in all cases, producers or importers must implement, or require, a management system that enables them to demonstrate their compliance with the requirements of each text and that it must be certified by an accredited certification body in accordance with Regulation No. 765/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council, which implies in the case of Spain, having an ENAC accreditation.

In relation to this activity, European Accreditation (the European organization of accreditors) has already established the standards and requirements necessary to be able to adequately assess the competence of these types of bodies that ENAC included in its RDE-10 document, and that constitutes the basis for this accreditation.

For further information about this scheme, or if you are interested in accrediting yourself, please contact Edelio Gago, Head of ENAC's Department of Certification and Verification.


The Spanish Administration's trust in ENAC's accreditation

This new regulation demonstrates, once again, the confidence the Public Administration places in accreditation as a tool to guarantee conformity assessment activities' safety and integrity, in this case, related to an issue of capital importance in public agendas around the world: waste management.

For a management system to provide the level of trust required by all the agents involved, it is essential that the certification bodies endorsing it are technically competent, independent, reliable, and perceived as such by all those who must trust the veracity and value of their certificates. This guarantee is offered by the services accredited by ENAC: only accredited bodies have demonstrated their competence and impartiality before an independent third party, before whom they have proven to have the necessary means to offer the certification service with the necessary rigor to be accepted by the market.

Accreditation News

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