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Accreditation News



ENAC and the Spanish Society of Pathological Anatomy (SEAP) work together to make the added value of accreditation in pathological anatomy more visible

19 November 2020 Corporative

ENAC and the Spanish Society of Pathological Anatomy (Sociedad Española de Anatomía Patológica, SEAP) have recently renewed their agreement with the aim of increasing collaboration between the two institutions to make accreditation’s important role in the Spanish health system more visible - in general and in the field of pathological anatomy in particular. The signing of this agreement strengthens the collaboration between the two institutions, initiated with a first agreement in 2008, especially with reference to training activities on ISO 15189 which is currently the global reference standard for diagnostic services.

Moreover, through this agreement, ENAC undertakes to offer its Campus ENAC courses relating to the UNE-EN ISO 15189 standard at a reduced cost to SEAP's partners, with the aim of promoting accreditation knowledge among professionals in pathological anatomy and ultimately applying it on a regular basis in laboratories and services.

The agreement has been signed, on one side, by Dr. Xavier Matías-Guiu, as Chairman of SEAP, who has highlighted accreditation's value according to the UNE-EN ISO 15189 standard in the pathological anatomy field: “All Pathological Anatomy's technical and diagnosis work is done with quality criteria. ENAC's accreditation according to UNE-EN ISO 15189 is a guarantee of this quality in the various steps of the technical process and diagnosis".

Regarding the agreement on training issues, the President of SEAP notes: "Any training initiative that favours promoting what achieving accreditation represents, and the methodology to achieve it, will make it easier for Pathological Anatomy services to start this accreditation process, which entails quality assurance guarantee”.

On ENAC's side, its General Manager, Beatriz Rivera signed the agreement. She highlighted this agreement's value for the body, in promoting knowledge of the clinical laboratory accreditation UNE-EN ISO 15189 standard requirements, among pathologists and ensuring that new accreditation processes incorporate the technical knowledge and experience of SEAP partners.

“This agreement is yet another sign of ENAC's firm commitment to ensuring maximum technical competence of pathological anatomy services, key for increasing diagnostic quality and minimizing risks for the patient's benefit, as well as ensuring that clinical decisions are made based on reliable results. The diagnostic services, accredited according to UNE-EN ISO 15189, having been assessed by ENAC as an independent third party, provide patient's with greater safety benefits, professionals with greater protection, as well as more efficient resources as there is less repeated testing," said Beatriz Rivera.

Accreditation News

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