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ENAC presents its 2021 activity report

17 June 2022 Corporative

ENAC presented its 2021 Activity Report during its General Assembly meeting, in which José Manuel Prieto, ENAC Chairman, highlighted the important role played by ENAC-accredited bodies as "a door to security and confidence in these turbulent and changing times we are living in".

In the last year, the number of accredited bodies in Spain grew by 3%, ending 2021 with 915 testing laboratories and 168 calibration laboratories, 70 medical laboratories and other diagnostic services, 441 inspection bodies and 216 accredited certification bodies, among others, available to the Spanish economy in all sectors.

On this topic, Beatriz Rivera, ENAC General Manager, highlighted how the new accreditations respond to the new needs of the market, by adding in 2021 "areas of great importance for the transition towards sustainable economic development such as, among others, the carbon footprint calculation verification and certification in the field of plastic recycling. It is worth noting the incorporation of new accredited services in digital matters, energy efficiency, in the food sector, those related to animal welfare, or anti-bribery management systems, among others".


An asset within and outside our borders

Both ENAC Chairman and General Manager have also influenced the ENAC mark’s international recognition: "Thanks to this", highlighted José Manuel Prieto, "Spanish accreditation is an effective passport for Spanish companies in more than 100 economies around the world, as ENAC is a signatory to all the recognition agreements signed by international accreditor organizations”.

For her part, Beatriz Rivera underlined the leadership role that ENAC is playing in several international projects, such as "the working group established in European Accreditation (EA) to collaborate with the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA), in putting together three new European product certification schemes within the framework of the European Cybersecurity Act Regulation".

Moreover, in 2021, it has continued to collaborate with international organizations such as the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the global standardization organization, ISO, and the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA).


Accreditation: a tool serving the regulator

ENAC Chairman has stressed how the Administrations, increasingly, "appreciate the value that accreditation brings by putting at their disposal a rigorous, independent and transparent process that ensures the technical competence of the assessment and control bodies that monitor compliance with regulatory requirements." Therefore, up to 2021, more than 200 national and regional provisions, as well as more than 100 European ones, have included accreditation and accredited services among their requirements and recommendations.

He also thanked Admiral Aniceto Rosique Nieto, General Manager of Armament and Material (Director General de Armamento y Material, DIGAM) of the Spanish Ministry of Defense, for participating in the Report. In an interview, he explains about the collaboration between both parties to promote the good practices knowledge used by conformity assessment bodies working in the defense sector "Having ENAC's accreditation provides our contracting bodies with confidence in the reliability of the result reports they issue, helping decision-making”.

You can consult the complete ENAC Activity Report in the following link.

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