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ENAC's customer satisfaction increased in 2022

15 September 2023 Corporative

ENAC's service quality surveys in 2022 reveal accredited bodies are highly satisfied

The accredited bodies have rated the quality of ENAC's service very satisfactorily, as shown by the results of the evaluation surveys carried out during 2022, which can be consulted in the following report. These surveys, addressing issues related to all phases of the accreditation process, were given to all accredited bodies once they finished their process, to get to know how satisfied ENAC's customers are and identifying possible areas for improvement.

With 843 out of a total of 1754 bodies responding, it shows once again ENAC clients' positive assessment of ENAC's service. So, 98% of the accredited bodies participating in the survey stated that their overall satisfaction with ENAC's service is high or very high, thereby improving the figure for the previous year.

Of particular note are the results for key aspects of the accreditation process, such as the audit team's technical competence, audit programme compliance or assessment impartiality. It is also worth mentioning ENAC-accredited bodies were very highly satisfied with remote assessments.

Accreditation News

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