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Hydraulic Administration Collaborating Entities in matters of dam and reservoir safety must be accredited by ENAC

16 January 2023 Industries

The Public Administration relies, once again, on accreditation as a tool to guarantee the safety and integrity of assessment activities, in this case, related to the safety inspection and control of dams and reservoirs.

The Spanish Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge will soon publish a Ministerial Order which will establish the conditions for obtaining the title of Hydraulic Administration Collaboration Entities (Entidades Colaboradoras de la Administración Hidráulica, ECAH) in matters of safety control of dams and their reservoirs.These bodies will be authorized to collaborate with the competent Public Administration, in this case, with the Spanish General Directorate of Water, in specialized technical control tasks related to the safety of dams and reservoirs.

Among the requirements established in the Order, the Ministry will require that applicants have ENAC accreditation based on the requirements of the UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17020 standard. Therefore, ENAC and the General Directorate of Water have worked closely together to define complementary requirements that adjust the requirements of the standard to the activity to be carried out and to the specific needs of the Ministry.

Giving support to different administrations by defining and designing accreditation schemes adjusted to their needs is a strategic activity for ENAC that is increasingly appreciated by regulators in order to effectively deploy their policies on compliance assessment. Currently, more than 200 national and regional provisions, as well as more than 100 European ones, include accreditation to guarantee product's and service's reliability, develop safe markets and strengthen consumer protection in areas as diverse as industrial safety, public health, cybersecurity, food control or environmental protection.

Accreditation News

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