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CAAE: first accredited body for organic agriculture consumables certification according to UNE 66500

12 November 2020 Industries

ENAC has recently awarded Servicio de Certificación CAAE accreditation to certify usable consumables in organic plant production, in accordance with UNE 66500, thereby becoming the first certification body accredited for this purpose.

This standard, published in 2017, defines the minimum requirements to be met by certificates of usable consumables in organic plant production that comply with UNE 142500 and UNE 315500 standards, which, for their part, lay down the production, packaging, labelling and marketing requirements for usable consumables in organic plant production, mainly fertilizers and phytosanitary.

José Angel Navarro, CAAE's certification director, values this accreditation as "a positive news story for the Spanish ecological sector, as consumables are a very important part of production, and should never raise doubts, but must instead offer maximum guarantees for agricultural producers and, above all, for consumers”.

Accredited certification is an essential tool at the service of the organic production sector and its consumables, since it provides certified products with a guarantee that impacts the market and the final consumer.

Accreditation News

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