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Accreditation News



Bureau Veritas Inspection and Testing: first accredited to verify environmental authorization requirements issued in Castile and León in the air pollution field

15 December 2020 Industries

ENAC has granted Bureau Veritas Inspection and Testing the first accreditation as an inspection body to act as an Environmental Control Body to verify compliance with requirements related to environmental authorizations approved by the Castilla y León government in the air pollution field.

“At Bureau Veritas, we have chosen this accreditation for the guarantee that it represents, for companies in the sector and for the Administration. The fact of carrying out this activity according to working procedures previously assessed by an independent body of recognized prestige such as ENAC”, explains Angel Jiménez, Director of Environmental Business Unit Development at Bureau Veritas.

This accreditation is granted in the technical instruction framework for emission's authorization compliance verification, in particular in relation to communicating the start of activity, that the Department of Development and Environment of Castilla y León government approved in order to expedite the permit and license process so that industrial facilities' owners could start their activity, providing the necessary guarantees to the competent authorities on compliance control with environmental legislation. And it is precisely to obtain such guarantees that environmental control bodies wanting to carry out such checks are required to rely on ENAC’s accreditation in accordance with UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17020.

Accreditation News

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