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Accreditation News



Applus: the first accredited body for inspecting facilities with Category A hazardous mining waste according to Royal Decree 975/2009

27 June 2022 Industries

Applus Organismo de Control has obtained ENAC's accreditation to carry out inspections of facilities with Category A hazardous mining waste, thereby becoming the first body to be able to carry out this activity in an accredited manner in Spain.

Royal Decree 975/2009, on extractive industries' waste management and protection and rehabilitation of the space affected by mining activities, which has been modified by Royal Decree 777/2012, establishes a series of inspections to be carried out by the competent authority itself or, if it so established, by an ENAC-accredited control body in matters of the Royal Decree's specific field.

Therefore, and thanks to this accreditation, the competent authorities now have an ENAC-accredited control body which they can require, if they so deem, to inspect facilities with Category A Hazardous Mining Waste.

Accreditation News

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