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AENOR: the first body accredited to certify according to the BRC Global Standards scheme for agents and brokers

26 February 2021 Industries

ENAC has recently granted AENOR International accreditation according to the UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17065 standard for the certification of agents and brokers under the BRC scheme – Global Standard for Food Safety, thereby becoming the first body accredited by ENAC to issue this certification in Spain.

This certification for agents and brokers is applicable to companies marketing food products nationally or internationally, that provide services to manufacturers, retailers or other food service companies but do not make direct sales to the consumer.

The BRC certification scheme was developed by the British Retail Consortium, a grouping of the main trade associations in the United Kingdom (retailers, large specialist chains and supermarkets) with the fundamental objective of harmonising food safety standards, reinforcing this safety throughout the supply chain, to protect consumers. Since its inception, BRC has required certification bodies operating in its scheme to be accredited by the corresponding National Accreditation Body (ENAC in Spain).

In Spain, there are 10 bodies accredited by ENAC for the different products and services included in the BRC scheme, some of them are able to certify several products and services under accreditation. Nine of these bodies are accredited for certifying food processing or handling industries (BRC Global Standard for Food Safety), one for certifying companies that store and distribute both food and non-food products (BRC Global Standard Storage and Distribution), one for certifying companies producing packaging materials (BRC Global Standard for Packaging Materials), and finally one for certifying agents and brokers. You can consult the list of accredited bodies for the BRC scheme in the following link.

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