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Accreditation News



First accreditations for verifying the system to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing

8 March 2021 Industries

URBETEC Auditores y Mediadores (Key Auditors), EQA European Quality Assurance and Bonatti Penal & Compliance have obtained ENAC's accreditation to verify systems to prevent money laundering and the financing of terrorism, therefore becoming the first bodies accredited to carry out this activity.

With these accreditations, the obliged subjects already have assessors to inspect their systems to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing that they have demonstrated, in accordance with requirements established in the international ISO 17020 standard, that they have the appropriate technical competence and impartiality, that they carry out their inspection activities in accordance with the best practices and that they will be subject to periodic supervision by ENAC.

For more information, consult the news about the publication of the accreditation scheme.

Accreditation News

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