Code of ethics

ENAC’s corporate values are expressed through our behaviour and are evident in the underlying principles that guide our conduct, as set down in the Code of Ethics: impartiality, independence, integrity and professionalism, confidentiality and transparency.

The Code of Ethics, the principles of which aspire to be shared with all stakeholders, develops the models and guidelines for professional, ethical and responsible behaviour, that all professionals who are part of or who collaborate with ENAC should follow.

The Ethics Committee is the body that oversees compliance, furthers its diffusion and specific training, and places a channel for communication at the disposal of all stakeholders.

The Committee guarantees the confidentiality and anonymity of all those wishing to use this channel for communication to submit queries or suggestions or to report possible breaches or non-compliance with the Code by ENAC or its professionals.

In the case of information or reports on accredited organisations, ENAC should be addressed through the “Tell us” service.