ENAC accreditation scheme is published for energy efficiency conditions inspection in cogeneration plants

28 August 2019 Industries

ENAC is ready to receive requests from bodies interested in starting the accreditation process.


ENAC, together with Spanish National Markets and Competition Commission's (Comisión Nacional de los Mercados y la Competencia, CNMC) Energy Directorate, has developed the accreditation scheme for energy efficiency conditions inspection of cogeneration plants, based on the UNE EN-ISO/IEC 17020 standard, so that concerned bodies may start this activity's accreditation process. For this, ENAC has published the RDE-23 scheme requirements document (Rev. 1, July 2019) "Criteria and specific accreditation process for energy efficiency conditions inspection of cogeneration plants".

This scheme has been developed in collaboration with the CNMC Energy Directorate, which has among its functions, according to Article 29 of Royal Decree 413/2014, of June 6, the liquidation and payment of specific remuneration to electricity-producing facilities generated from renewable energy, cogeneration and waste. The perception of such funds is subject, in the case of cogeneration installations, to the fact that they are able to demonstrate their compliance with given levels of energy efficiency. To do this, they must annually send the CNMC a certificate issued by a recognized and independent body to the facility, in which the efficiency achieved by cogeneration is manifested. The CNMC inspects these certificates to ensure that only cogenerations which achieve the minimum energy efficiency values receive specific remuneration.

With the accreditation scheme, the CNMC has wanted to provide the maximum guarantees in this control, ensuring that the certificates issued by accredited companies accurately and reliably reflect the energy efficiency of the cogenerations.

If you wish to more detailed information on the new accreditation scheme or have any questions about the accreditation process, you can contact Daniel Román, technician in ENAC's Inspection and Control Bodies department.

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